Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom Countertops BradentonAre you looking for the perfect bathroom countertop for your remodeling project? There are numerous material, color and design options available. While not an exhaustive list, following are some of the more popular materials used in bathroom projects:

Granite: One of the more popular choices due to their stunning elegance and natural beauty. Granite slabs come in a wide variety of colors and each countertop is unique due to the variance in hues, patterns and tones. When granite slabs are paired with a complimentary cabinet color they can make an impressive focal point.

Marble: Another elegant material choice for any bathroom countertop. Marble slabs come in various colors and each slab will have variations in veining and hues. Some of the more popular colors include whites, grays, blacks and green.

Quartz: As an engineered countertop material, Quarts is comprised of mostly quartz crystals but are manufactured vs. cut solid stone. Quartz is very durable and can be found in a much wider selection of color options.

Solid Surface: Made from acrylics, solid surface countertops include some well knows brands such as Corian. They have become popular over the years for their durability and wide range of colors.

Tile: Countertops made from tile allow for the most diversity in material and design options.  With tile it is possible to mix different materials, sizes and shapes to create a truly custom and unique countertop.

Concrete:  A unique material that allows for flexibility in colors, finishes, textures, styles and shapes. Concrete countertops are very strong and durable and can be custom formed to fit or create unique shapes and designs.

If you are looking for a bathroom countertop to set your design apart, we can help you sort through all the options. Our free design consultation can help bring together all the design elements resulting in a bathroom remodeling project that is designed to meet your specific style preferences.

As with all of our remodeling projects, we also provide our on-time guarantee and our exclusive lifetime workmanship guarantee. If you are considering a bathroom remodeling project, contact Custom Bath Concepts for a free design consultation.


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